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"Playwright Bozzone has a wonderfully twisted view of family life that nonetheless reveals deep emotions." Variety

"Sonny DeRee's Life
Flashes Before His Eyes"

From Marathon 1995: One Act Plays

In Bill Bozzone’s comical tale, Sonny DeRee is a bit of a hustler who has gotten on the “wrong side” of a loan shark whilst trying one of his never-ending “get rich quick” schemes. Determined to settle the score, the loan shark has sent the laconic hitman Mick to exact the required retribution if payment is not forthcoming. To add to the tension, Mick is in a bit of a hurry to get it all over and done with, because he doesn’t want to miss a Metallica concert! Sonny is desperately trying to call in some favours to raise the necessary ransom--but the last person he expects to offer him any help is his estranged mother, Emma. She may pay up, but what will she expect in return?

Rose Cottages
"[S]ends the audience home high on fresh talent that one can't wait to encounter again."
--New York Times
Buck Fever
"A tickling exercise in sexual perversity."
--New York Times
"[T]he talented Mr. Bozzone has a gentle, wistful tone."
--New York Times
"Sonny DeRee's Life
Flashes Before His Eyes"

--New York Daily News

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